When in Rome by Amabile Giusti

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Title: When In Rome

Author: Amabile Giusti

Genre: Contemporary Romance


As her thirtieth birthday approaches, spirited and unconventional Carlotta is a little nervous. She’s just been fired because of her irrepressible frankness, her family is a mess, and her love life is nonexistent. Plus, living in Rome isn’t cheap, so she’s forced to rent out a room in her apartment to make ends meet.

Her new roommate, Luca, a gorgeous writer who can match her wicked sense of humor, has a lot of cons: he’s sloppy, he smokes too much, and he has a nasty habit of bringing home a different woman every night. Carlotta doesn’t want to admit it, but she’s beginning to fall for the charming novelist whose bedroom seems to have a revolving door. After they share an unexpected kiss, she’ll do anything to suppress her passion and protect her heart. With her crazy relatives and a new job to deal with, can she muster the courage to confess her true feelings? And will Carlotta find happiness in this rented romance?

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Hmmm, not sure how to explain this one. Feels a bit hit or miss in the storytelling as parts of the story bored me. The story just dragged on and on. With the whole door of one night conquests and then all of a sudden with the mom getting sick. This title became one of my few did not finish at some points, really hard to read as I found the main mc really winy. The only good part was what happened at the end.

Mom opinion: Oh yeah that book, I also found the girl winy and the story just drawn out. Gave up about 33% into the book.

Other books to look into: (Some books are quite old so I tried to look for kindle only)

Can not think of any for once!


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