Update on January’s Japan Crate

Ate a few more items and sadly USPS screwed me over with this month’s. Not even sure if I will get it. Very sad as I was looking forward to it.

 photo IMG_20160208_164726491_zpsv14zwolg.jpg
Grape squares
Bleh! They taste weird.

White Chocolate Yam square Candy
Yum! Can not taste the yam only the chocolate. But very delish.

 photo IMG_20160208_164731095_zps39xddgmc.jpg
Shortcake Aji
Not really my cup of tea. Taste better than the grape squares.

 photo IMG_20160208_164750048_zps5lpnqrjl.jpg
Fit’s Where’s Wally gum
…. The wrapping is cute not very sure about the taste. They taste better than the Pokémon gum. And is actually like real gum to make bubbles. Can you find Wally on the back? Not very hard.
 photo IMG_20160208_164813180_zps9bgotoum.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_164807792_zpsk11fwdax.jpg


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