Furee Born by Kelly Lucille

 photo 27391151_zpssk0dxnz9.jpgTitle: Furee Born
Series: Dragon Mage #4
Author: Kelly Lucille

Genre: Shapeshifting paranormal dragon romance

Blurb: After nearly dying in the bonfire when her Village turned on her, the mage healer Riva has had a fear of fire and flame.
Furee is a Dragon Knight whose dragon resembles the heart of a flame. Even in his human form he has hair of fire and eyes that flicker and flash. Furee knows his appearance is everything Riva fears and does his best to keep his distance.
But, how long can he hold out before the dragon inside him forces him to claim his mate?
Will she ever forgive him if he does? 

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Challenge note: Flight of Fantasy, PNR, pick-para, new2me

Thoughts: This story has some really good flow that makes me laugh and want to hurt the bad guy. Just stumbled across this title. The seer reminds me of Tara in Her Dragon’s Bane series by Harmony Raines as they both are seers knowing what is in the future but can not speak of the knowledge. Interested in the next book with a moody dragon and a spitfire changeling. Note:  I have since read the book before this at the time of editing this post and loved it.

Books to look into:
The Grey Court – Dana Marie Bell
Dragon’s Bane series by Harmony Raines

Map: Sadly, a good number of the ones I read do not list locations.

Do not get paid of this just me being a bookworm~


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