An Alpha’s Tempest by Sloane Meyers

An Alpha's TempestTitle: An Alpha’s Tempest
Series: Water Bear Shifters #4
Author: Sloane Meyers

Genre: Bear shifter paranormal romance


Chemist Rhythm Scott couldn’t turn down the chance to move to Alaska for a new research job. She jumped at the opportunity to earn a generous salary, and live in a wild, adventurous place. But she should have known the job was too good to be true—after a few months at her new gig, she discovers that there is a sinister, hidden purpose behind the research she’s been doing: kill off the whole population of bear shifters. Rhythm has never been one to sit on the sidelines while evil prevails, so she makes it her mission to stop the senseless killing. What she didn’t realize when she ran without a second thought into the fray, is that she was running straight into the life of the most gorgeous, captivating man she had ever met. Unfortunately, he seems fixated on saving bear shifters—not on finding love.

Ben Harrington is a man on a mission: stop the scientists who are trying to kill bear shifters, or die trying. He is consumed with this mission, and he definitely isn’t interested in romance. After losing his whole clan to a deadly virus, he’s not interested in opening his heart to love again. But when he meets the beautiful Rhythm Scott, his heart doesn’t give him much of a chance. He’s falling hard and fast for her, and she seems to be falling for him, too. The only problem is that she’s determined to be on the dangerous front lines of the fight against the scientists. Terrified of losing her, Ben tries to keep her away from the battle. But, at the end of it all, she might be the only one who knows how to save the bear shifters.

Can Ben make peace with the fact that loving Rhythm means he’ll have to take a chance on losing her? And will Rhythm be able to save her new shifter friends before it’s too late? Find out in this steamy bear shifter romance.

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Challenge: pnr, fantasy, pick-para

Review: Love when authors create new series in a already penned out world. Jumped into Water Bear Shifters cold turkey, I have read a good number of the Ice Bear shifters just never got around to completing it. Love how you see the clans from the past and they talk about past villains. Even visit a place you may remember from the final Ice Bear book. Sawyer is definitely cra-zy. It will be interesting to see how the next series will go. Sloane Meyers you write terrific books!

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