February Japan Crate

 photo IMG_20160208_162437474_zpsshl17bal.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_162117347_zpscdbfuelk.jpg

After the delay this came early during regular mail and not at 7-9pm.
All the items look delish though the potato chip tube is slightly damaged.

 photo IMG_20160208_163558424_zpsdfemjjuc.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_163604531_zps9be3bsx1.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_163642079_zpscwpzkmab.jpg

Petit Pastel Ice Cream Cookies & Chocolate:
When I first saw these I thought they were the mushroom pocky. Pleasantly surprised, the inside of the box is cute. There’s 2 bags inside. They taste like crunchy m&M’s with one side dipped in chocolate.


 photo IMG_20160208_164620458_zpswj8xyssk.jpg

Super Lemon:
Yeah no. I do not like sour lemon candy. This is a miss.


 photo IMG_20160208_165347485_zpsjdb7zcsz.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_165355186_zps9jjqzk4e.jpg

Nericcho Soft Cider Cones:
Shipping bonus item. Looks like a DIY, not sure on cider flavor. Never seem to find a good cider flavor candy.


 photo IMG_20160208_165616460_zpsgc9mrljy.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_165642375_zpsk835vo1x.jpg

KitKat’s (Matcha Flavored?):
Yum! I have seen these local but never felt the need to buy the big bag. Think they may be matcha flavored due to the coloring. I have since seen them at H Mart.


 photo IMG_20160208_170025992_zpsdbbueoid.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_170513141_zpsctg9pv4g.jpg

Cori’s Grape & Soda Kajirittyo:
What is with them and grape flavored things? The grape isn’t as strong as last month’s grape candy which is a plus. It is not that bad but not that good either. Kind of like a nerds rope in that it is stretchy and two toned.


 photo IMG_20160208_170625241_zpscwevo2ca.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_170651632_zpsx846gas9.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_170602249_zpsmqnh4yve.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_170615021_zpsa3clzr4t.jpg

Chip Star Norishio:
Yum! Though I can not really taste the seaweed or nori. I can taste the salt. I have to hide them or I will eat them all! Which I have already done so, oops!

 photo IMG_20160208_171214818_zpsspnueaav.jpg

Heart LTD. Oekaki Choco DIY:
Probably can use other melting chocolate for this and reuse the tray.


 photo IMG_20160208_171228307_zpsn7xfsola.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_171622614_zpsgku5xo7l.jpg

Toppu Trio Stick Gum:
Again with grape, what I’d with Japan and grape? The cola has a definitive cola smell. The drawback is do not be like me and stick the whole stick in your mouth. Way too much gum. It also takes a while to reach barely what I would call a elasticity to real gum.


 photo e617777e-d36f-4c34-9407-c627bdc8b89f_zpsrqeynmp0.jpg

Twinbo Drink Gummy:
Glorified gummy worms, though the taste I would associate with ramune.

Rest of the photos! That’s it of Japan crate, really hit and miss. I may do a few random reviews of items I find at my local H-Mart or H & Y store as I have found out H-Mart has some items I have never seen at H & Y.

 photo f3b6a89b-4280-454b-8662-fccddb6e88da_zpsg0ozmpla.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_170031719_zpswy0m2307.jpg


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