Reading in the blood?

As far back as my memory serves me I have always piggybacked read whatever my mom was reading. I remember being on the airplane, bored as heck when I noticed my mom was done with her book. It was a Nora Roberts book, I believe Birthright as it had a deep red cover. Since then I love reading any book she was reading. Now a days it has reversed where something I read is passed to her. Most of the time… She gets into my netgalley books if they contain cowboys or thrillers before I have a chance to read them as our kindle account is connected. I mean what is there to do when waiting at the laundromat? When she came to me about reading more from X-Ops I had to do a double take. She surprised me that she enjoyed the supernatural arc, so what did I do? I introduced her to Mandy M. Roth I-Ops world and now I know if it has lots of thriller/suspense in it she may like it. I scan my free ebook email listings for thrillers to send to her. Have since told her she needs to read Midnight Men/Men of Midnight by  Lisa Marie Rice and anything by Miranda P. Charles. She already came to me for more by Miranda P. Charles. Sometimes she exasperates me to just shake my head at her though. Like last week or two I forgotten I had won a book from the lovely coyer ladies and my book came in the mail. What happens? She jumps right into reading it…. Did not even get a chance to even look inside the book. Was going to bring the book with me to read during my layover coming home from my trip. Did not happen as she was halfway through the book.

I actually saw a guy on the Boston bus with a Debbie Macomber book I just had to tell him that she writes great books, I love her Yarn series.

Right now I’m crazy for Midnight Men/Men of Midnight by Lisa Marie Rice and anything by Miranda P. Charles.


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