Bodyguard Daddy by Lisa Childs

Bodyguard DaddyTitle: Bodyguard Daddy
Series: Bachelor Bodyguards #2
Author: Lisa Childs

Publisher: Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Genre: Romance, suspense, crime, thriller


Blurb: The Bachelor Bodyguards of Payne Protection Agency are back—and this time, it’s personal

Walking away from then-fiancée Amber Talsma was one of the hardest things sexy bodyguard Milek Kozminski ever had to do. But it was nothing compared to the shock of hearing she’d been killed in a car accident alongside the son Milek knew, deep down, was his.

Amber will do anything to keep her child safe. Which was why she had to fake their deaths—to evade the assailant who murdered her boss, then came after her. But now someone has found them. And when Milek learns the truth, he’ll stop at nothing to protect his son…and the woman he never stopped loving.

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Really good, totally enjoying her series. Great tie-in to the the book before this! Have already thrown this book into my mom’s lap to read as she loves thriller/suspense romance novels. Can not wait to find out who is the next one in the upcoming book. The only drawback I can find is the fact it is not stated anywhere that to get the whole package that you should read from her first series. I did not realize that until I noticed someone’s review on GoodReads talking about this. As I do not understand the nuances between some of the characters that would mostly be cleared up if I did not jump into this sub-series.

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