Her Quicksilver Lover by Lynne Connolly

Her Quicksilver LoverTitle: Her Quicksilver Lover
Series: Even Gods Fall In Love #6
Author: Lynne Connolly

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Pub Date: May 24, 2016

Genre: Roman Lore, romance, roman myth, Historical romance, historical, England, supernatural, immortal

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Love knows no bounds, and keeps no secrets.

Even Gods Fall in Love, Book 6

Joanna Spencer is doing more than just serving tea at the Pantheon Club. She’s secretly collecting society gossip and evidence of foreign spy activity for her father’s journal articles.

Instead, she finds the club’s walls shield Roman gods in human form. One of which she must keep at arm’s length at all costs—the club’s alluring, enigmatic owner, Amidei, Comte d’Argento. Otherwise known as Mercury.

Joanna catches Amidei’s attention long before she drops and shatters an expensive tea caddy. He knows she’s spying, but he never suspected she’d be his nemesis in human form—or that she would stir his strongest protective instincts.

Those instincts will be tested to the limit when an enemy strikes from an unexpected corner, threatening their lives. And Amidei will have to face every last one of his fears to protect the woman he has come to love.


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Interesting idea first off, I always like novels where God(s)/Godesss(es) walk around regular people and fall in love. Not that familiar with Roman lore but I digress Norse lore are even worse to follow. Have not read the books before this so I may be a little jaded in that I have no backstory of characters & events. I have read each summary of the books before this. I will do another short review add-on when I finish #1-5. Did not realize this is set in England during the time of Earls, if you are not familiar with historical times in England this may go over your head. Many times I had to stop and Google when they talk about names that sound Roman or historical items, little off-putting but for names they give simple terms to explain it. The blood fever thing is interesting. You could tell there was something going on with the silent partner. Loved how the Roman crew all rallied behind Mercury/Hermes. Loved the humor at the end over the key. Definitely can read this without really knowing past stories which is always a plus! I liked it just thought everything built up too quickly near the end and the wind up to that point very slow. I give it a 4 for the fact jumping into this 6 books in did not confuse me but the build up was slow and ended too quickly at the end. Edit: I have since read #1-5 and I can say with clarity you do NOT need to read the books before this. They just give some backstory to certain things said.

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