In the Line of Fire by Jett Munroe

In the Line of FireTitle: In the Line of Fire
Series: Hot Desert Heroes, #1
Author: Jett Munroe

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Genre: Ex military, romance, contemporary romance

Coming soon: June 7th, 2016


Their passion burns white hot. But danger is heartless and cold.

Hot Desert Heroes, Book 1

Delaney Murphy has had a stomach-fluttering, mouth-watering crush on Beck since the first time she saw him over the rim of her regular morning latte. But she’s never been long on self-confidence, especially around exceptionally handsome men.

After a year of avoiding him, she’s shocked when he slides into the next chair and wears down her resistance to a first date.

When Laney is laid off from her job, Marines special ops veteran Beck “Gravedigger” Townsend wastes no time hiring the quiet, auburn-haired beauty into Red Eagle Group, his security firm. Keeping her within touching distance—and under his protection.

Laney’s smile and sharp intelligence light up Beck’s life and heat up his bed, yet he hesitates to give her what she really wants: full access to the darkest corners of his wounded spirit. But when danger is delivered right to Red Eagle’s door, the only way to save her—and their love—will be to bleed. Body and soul…

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With a blurb like that I could NOT request this one! It really hooks you and I enjoyed a similar book. The humor placed in here was good but I felt it was a once in a blue moon thing. Where it happens once and then never again or just spoken in passing. For example, we only really hear Ty’s humor and the mc calling Quincy out once and then all we hear more in the humor section is the mc talking about her relationship with Quincy in passing. This felt like one of those DELTA Elite Ghost romance which I enjoy reading. Wish we had more with the other guys at the workplace but cutting some slack as I hope we will see a another in this series. Beck is a idjit though and the ending was ok, just did not do it for me after his idjit move.

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