Thoughts: Oh hey look watching anime again

So I stopped pretty much watching any anime outside of the specific 2 I was following.

The 2 I was watching were:

  • Mahou Girls Precure/Pretty Cure
  • Yu-gi-oh Arc-V (final arc)

I never really had gotten interested in watching anything besides those 2. This was mostly due to I like using Crunchyroll but last time I was on only about 10% was something I have watched. I turned some apps on to see what’s available since if you saw my personal/main Twitter (@Detetiv) I had hooked up my old LCD TV with my chromecast. In a few days I will do a thoughts so far on Twin Angels Burst. It is one of those magical girl animes I find corny but I still enjoy it. I have not watched any of the older Twin Angels series in quite a while. (Unlike Sympho-gear -coughs-). I have a few reviews going up soon & a promo or 2. Not sure what else I will watch as there is quite a bunch I have not watched from past seasons. I do have my eye on the 2nd season of Blood Blockade Battlefront (Unsure of Jap title) that’s this season. Also the reissued Detective Conan special (first episode but with new animation and scenes) came out just recently.


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