Hello still alive & things going wrong

Hi my fellow coyer colleagues! Hello to all those that followed. As you can see I have not been posting in a while on here.

See below the cut on what’s been going on…

Anyone done this before?

Not realize your local library card expired sometime last year?

We both use New York City’s public library (NYPL) ebook collection instead of our local thus why we never noticed. To top it off, local library is closed for construction this month…

A number of annoying things have happened:

(-cues wordpress.com app crashing every time I try to slide my finger over the keyboard/click on a autocorrect text/try to delete highlighted text while trying to type this out-)

Goodreads used to have the ability of posting to WordPress then draft WordPress posting and now it’s gone forever.

The abilities of If this then that (iftt) sputtered out, posting here doesn’t post to Facebook or my book/blog twitter anymore. Re-connecting iftt to the broken apps do not work.

Haven’t figured out what to do. I guess I’ll have to send a strongly worded inquiry to what is going on with iftt connection.

Photobucket is all 💰💰💰 for basic hosting, so I’ve been using tinypic.

Thus posting here is pretty sleepy. Goodreads is still posting what I’ve finished/reviewed to my blog/book twitter [@detetivblog] thank goodness.

I’ve been posting more screenshot/books that catch my eye on my book Instagram [@detetivblog] and somewhat sharing Goodreads review links directly to Facebook. Also started used bookbub (@detetivblog) to post reviews, it’s similar to Goodreads I guess.

Right now book related I’m still on the fence about spending 3+ hours on line for “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing this upcoming Saturday, July 27 at 3:00pm – 5:00 p.m. Est in the New York Marriott Marquis. This heat has been killing me here on Long island, it’s supposed to feel like 101°f this Sunday and apartment is always 10-20° warmer than at the downstairs door. Is anyone else going? The only names I’m interested in getting that know the name by sight is Jd ward, Sandra Owens, Holley Trent, Melinda Leigh.

Side note: Bummed the tiny author con here didn’t get far due to library construction.

On the anime front I actually have not been watching new episodes besides off-on of the new precure (I love Cosmos!) and episodes of Kamen rider Zi-o

Getting a newer 8 inch tablet in a few days [Yay prime day] was really considering getting a new 10 but my mom has the old 2015 tab A 10 & I don’t really care for the size. The 8 just works for me for watching & read books while still being portable to stick in a tiny backpack.

Mass conventions are coming up I’ll be going to. I keep forgetting about my Nintendo switch, I haven’t beaten Pokemon let’s go yet. I’ll have to share what switch games I currently have soon. I’m still iffy on getting the new pokémon only because I take ages to finish games or just never finish, same with the new animal crossing.

Don’t you hate it when the app crashes and you lose your train of thought?

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