About me


Hey there I’m Detetiv! I’m also on Tumblr

If your wondering Detetiv is one of the German spellings of Detective. I’m a huge fan of Detective Conan especially of Heiji or Harley as the terrible dub calls him.

Favorite Anime Movie: Detective Conan Movie 7

Favorite Animated Movie: Origin: Spirits of the Past & Kaena: The Prophecy

Music Tastes: Eclectic! I can go from Trock to spanish to Romanian to Alt rock & oldies. I would have to say I enjoy FAKE?, FLOW, Jimmy Buffet, Juanes, Chameleon Circuit, RadU, Ozone, AnBerlin, Porcupine Tree & some others. Oh I forgot some Big Finish audios also.

Loves: Photography, drawing, listening to music, hanging with friends, going on hikes. Oceanic areas like marshes/beaches & traveling. I would love to go back to Costa Rica again for the 3rd time, visit Canada’s provinces again & totally go back to England and not during Christmas Week this time.

What I watch: Doctor Who & all things Whovian! Into Super Sentai or also known as Power Rangers, with my favorite being Super Sentai Boukenger’s Eiji. Now slightly on the same page, henshin, as in Kamen Rider W/Double as I’ve watched it about 3 times already. My kind of comedy comes from watching Top Gear [Either USA or UK’s].

Genres: Detective, Mystery, supernatural, sci-fi, action, gender bending, special powers, paranormal, romance.

What I read: Mahwa, manga, Tamora Pierce, Eldest, paranormal, romance.

Favorite reading titles: Pokemon Special, Half Prince [Manhwa & genderbending], Personat, Apple, Pirate & Mermaid, The Immortal Series by Tamora Pierce, Wordmaster, SEAL of Protection by Susan Stoker

Favorite authors: Sara Humphreys, Kathi S Barton, Susan Stoker, Bella Andre, Nora Roberts, Katy Regnery & Debbie Macomber.


    1. Thanks! It’s such a old photo I should really update it. Got the cat hat at New York Anime Festival a while back. [When there still was a Anime Festival]

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