Thoughts: Digimon: Appli Monsters

There’s something fishy going on in Digimon: Appli Monsters
I only just finished episode 28. These are my thoughts so far. 

  • Do we have another quartzmon again but this time a person not a mon? 
  • If Yujin is able to be scanned, I wonder if the question he was given has anything to do with how they will get around this.  
  • But how do we know if it is really him? Since he is basically a unaware spy.
  • I mean make a copy of him (L has already configured Rei’s brother according to the data the duo mined) then set “Yujin” up to get a Applidriver Duo. There you go you just made a spy that would not even know! 
  • The fact that Yujin is using L-OS already is fishy. 
  • The nod to Apple OS was funny, you do not see that very often. 

Thoughts: Twin Angels Burst [6 episodes in]

 photo _20170515_173131_zpsmsls7tt5.jpg
Omg, that opening! That means we will see ether trio from the season before! I do not remember if I liked the little girl (white angel), it has been a while. I remember bits and pieces, especially the 2 ova’s. It was nice to see the cherries on their school outfits again, was this the same school as the earlier season?

Looks like a usual magical girls genre where their ​partner is anti-social​ and has a background in fighting.

Ok first time we see the bee enemy, I already figured out she looks like the teacher we see a few times. Yep, it is the teacher so is the whole school run over with wolves in sheep’s clothing or Hydra’s?

 photo _20170515_173318_zps1ay0vjym.jpg

Oh the “brother” thought he looked familiar! He is the Misty Knight from past series. Interesting they made him as Sumire’s brother, especially when he is White Angels brother or at least she calls him Big Brother also. How does that work? What about how they tied White Angel in here, is Sumire her other sister? That would make sense in that Sumire knows about the past Angels. Hopefully will talk about much in future episodes. With the dog, was there not the same pet in the season before? How could Misty Knight have a dove in his jacket? Oooooo brainwashing! Ok, Black Rose Man or Nasty Knight? Can we not get any more corny on the naming front?

Also that ending song/video is very catchy and cute. Maybe they will discuss about the other exact dog we see in the ending video?

Thoughts: Oh hey look watching anime again

So I stopped pretty much watching any anime outside of the specific 2 I was following.

The 2 I was watching were:

  • Mahou Girls Precure/Pretty Cure
  • Yu-gi-oh Arc-V (final arc)

I never really had gotten interested in watching anything besides those 2. This was mostly due to I like using Crunchyroll but last time I was on only about 10% was something I have watched. I turned some apps on to see what’s available since if you saw my personal/main Twitter (@Detetiv) I had hooked up my old LCD TV with my chromecast. In a few days I will do a thoughts so far on Twin Angels Burst. It is one of those magical girl animes I find corny but I still enjoy it. I have not watched any of the older Twin Angels series in quite a while. (Unlike Sympho-gear -coughs-). I have a few reviews going up soon & a promo or 2. Not sure what else I will watch as there is quite a bunch I have not watched from past seasons. I do have my eye on the 2nd season of Blood Blockade Battlefront (Unsure of Jap title) that’s this season. Also the reissued Detective Conan special (first episode but with new animation and scenes) came out just recently.

A few 1st Thoughts – Old and new anime titles

Late, late 1st impression but I have been behind on anime and have not gotten to catching up. Just caught up with Webdiver.


  • Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

  • Garo: Guren no Tsuki/Garo the Animation 2

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation/PSO2

  • Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

  • Comet Lucifer

  • Hacka Doll: The Animation

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Princess Precure so far thoughts

Yes, I know I’m behind a few.

I like how they are currently blind to the real trouble with the thorns growing, I wonder if they will now be brought to the forefront the next episode since Close returns again though this time undercover. Can’t remember any other PreCure series that the villains had a underlying trouble for the earth going alongside the PreCure fighting and defeating the Zetsuborg of the episode that the PreCure are unaware of. I hope we find out why Katana forgot/lost his marbles memories soon! It was nice to get some episode time with just Yui or just the fairies and quite a few of the characters we have met in some episodes come back. Maybe the other Three Musketeers are also fairies in their true form? I mean Lock turned out to be a fairy. Though PreCure seems to like making villains turn out to be fairies. Hope to see some more information come soon!

Edit for newest episode:

WHAT THE FLYING? Is something wrong with Katana? Why the heck would you?! ughhhhhh, my head hurts. So is Katana a shell or maybe even not even alive? I mean Close says he does not sense any dreams from him and does not know him.