A few 1st Thoughts – Old and new anime titles

Late, late 1st impression but I have been behind on anime and have not gotten to catching up. Just caught up with Webdiver.


  • Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

  • Garo: Guren no Tsuki/Garo the Animation 2

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation/PSO2

  • Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

  • Comet Lucifer

  • Hacka Doll: The Animation

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Princess Precure so far thoughts

Yes, I know I’m behind a few.

I like how they are currently blind to the real trouble with the thorns growing, I wonder if they will now be brought to the forefront the next episode since Close returns again though this time undercover. Can’t remember any other PreCure series that the villains had a underlying trouble for the earth going alongside the PreCure fighting and defeating the Zetsuborg of the episode that the PreCure are unaware of. I hope we find out why Katana forgot/lost his marbles memories soon! It was nice to get some episode time with just Yui or just the fairies and quite a few of the characters we have met in some episodes come back. Maybe the other Three Musketeers are also fairies in their true form? I mean Lock turned out to be a fairy. Though PreCure seems to like making villains turn out to be fairies. Hope to see some more information come soon!

Edit for newest episode:

WHAT THE FLYING? Is something wrong with Katana? Why the heck would you?! ughhhhhh, my head hurts. So is Katana a shell or maybe even not even alive? I mean Close says he does not sense any dreams from him and does not know him.

God Eater 01 anime thoughts

Hmmmm, just hmmm. NOTE: I’ve never played God Eater but watched Burst cutscenes on youtube. So I have some backstory. I would love to play any God Eater but anythin that doesn’t have turn fighting I don’t have the dexterity for. Continue reading

FC time-Pkmn-Show By Rock update

Just for the curious!

Myst: 2938-9432-2667

Will be enjoyin the Pokemon Concert at Madison Square this saturday! Really can’t wait to enjoy it with friends who I haven’t seen in ages and one who holds my heart. So maybe one of you will pass me there? ;3 I may be wearin a pikachu hat.

Episode 9 of Show By Rock!! WOW, I really hope those girls didn’t die. That was a whut moment. Anyhow what’s with the zoning out/taken over by jelousy bit? Felt like Aion’s whole thing we dealt with last episode but a girl version. I wonder if the person Shu-Zo is hintin about to Rom [Episode 8] is the songwriter that we have yet to see bein held by Dagger? That was definitely a interesting background.

Music of the night: Wake Me Up – (Home Free a cappella cover) [Love this cover] [If interested here’s it in Gaeilge]