Youkai Watch Movie Liveblogging thoughts

Would like to point out I've never watched/played the games but I have some knowledge of Youkai Watch. Just me live blogging out while watchin the movie so there will be spoiler youkai below the cut! Hover over the photo or click to read the subtitles in the screencap. Hahahaha, poor Whisper &¬†Jibanyan gettin hit... Continue Reading →


PreCure Anti-Climactic Carnival

Did a cold watch of this a few days ago to just enjoy the movie. It was pretty bad. Screencaps near the end. ¬† Yeah, every All Stars is about the main leader of the new PreCure gettin over some sort of fear but this storyline was really boring for me. Things I did enjoy... Continue Reading →

Dororo Movie

Came across this when I was looking for Who are you? drama. For a historical, supernatural live action this is pretty good! When I started watching this there's some bloody moments like chopping the head priest in half, those children caterpillars & fiends [That's what they call Demons/Yokai] exploding. Hyakki-maru is a special human that... Continue Reading →

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