Ultraman Ginga S Thoughts

Background Info: The only Ultraman knowledge I have is Ultraman Mebius/Moebius series/movie/gaiden, a Gaia movie, Mega Monster Battle & a few other Ultraman ones. I have very very basic knowledge of Ultraman Ginga series as I know that's a bit different. Hint it is subbed, sadly there is currently no way to watch Ultra Fight Victory... Continue Reading →


Kamen Rider Wizard – 3 [Musings]

Just some musings on Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 3 overall: Haruto sure isn't shy about running after someone if they are in danger that's for sure. Kind of quick to already see all regular forms Wizard takes. I'm curious if every time a ring is used to save someone their ability to use magic now blocked?... Continue Reading →

Friend’s Thoughts that I agree with [Fourze]

My friend has this idea that It would be funny if Ryusei’s friend who is still hospitalized turns out to be the aries zodiarts.  Another fellow Toku Tumblr replied with this:  That would troll ryuusei if he is the aries and I think it would hurt him as well seeing he really cares a lot for that... Continue Reading →

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