Kamen Rider Wizard – 3 [Musings]

Just some musings on Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 3 overall:

  • Haruto sure isn’t shy about running after someone if they are in danger that’s for sure.
  • Kind of quick to already see all regular forms Wizard takes.
  • I’m curious if every time a ring is used to save someone their ability to use magic now blocked?
  • So many wives Haruto has now….
  • Just noticed that with Shunpei who is now Haruto’s 3rd marriage = 3rd episode.

Have the feeling the Phantom in Haruto is going to act up near the end like how Eiji started to become a Greeed.

Screencaps with my notes under the cut!

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Kamen Rider Megamax Thoughts [Warning Spoilers]

And some slight bashing since I’m the minority that wasn’t thrilled with the movie.

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Kamen Rider Fourze Icons [Set 1]

Worked on some Kamen Rider Fourze icons since I had some screencaps hanging around.
Doing another set since I have some requests from Tumblr.
Please don’t be scared to send me a ask on tumblr or comment here to ask for some! 

~ Warning Image Heavy~
Sizes: Most are 200 x 200 but some are 150 x 150 or 100 x 100

I will try to go back to 150 x 150 sized if people want instead of 200 x 200.
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Kamen Rider Fourze – 28

Starts off with what we already know & we see some growth. Oh and Gentaro learns a bit more about Ryuusei. Cancer really needs to know his place, cause he’s such a troll. There’s even a video made of him trolling. 
Note: When they say soul I use the term bioenergy.

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Friend’s Thoughts that I agree with [Fourze]

My friend has this idea that It would be funny if Ryusei’s friend who is still hospitalized turns out to be the aries zodiarts. 

Another fellow Toku Tumblr replied with this:  That would troll ryuusei if he is the aries and I think it would hurt him as well seeing he really cares a lot for that friend of his.

What do you guys think about this idea?

Personally I think that’s an interesting way to lead into that Ryusei’s really Meteor. I mean we just got a new Zodiart.

Kamen Rider Fourze – 20

Note: This review is based from the RAW. I’ll update it after I get my hands  on a subbed version. Done

So last episode just made me want to throw things at Kengo, I had that mindset going into this. I was presently surprised with it though. Also the next post will have some thoughts that some friends brought up that I thought I would share with my tidbits! Continue reading