LiWho 3 AfterCon

 photo 44b13f48-c553-4f67-b1ab-2c490eb3955f_zpsdi4xnkya.jpgThe con was up there with Carol, Mikey Mouse’s Noel and all the other actors. I had gotten to sit in for a few panels even one I had done a book review on! This time I had a chance to pull out scarecrow 2.0 this year as I had the item I needed.

Image Heavy!

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Oops! That post isn’t suppose to go up till Tues + ETERNAL ;3

Those who did catch the post before I reset the schedule got a sneak peak! Need to add some photos from my phone onto the post.

So have Eternal Con coming up the 13th excited for that! Pretty sure I’m goin as a Kitsune OC.
Not sure if wearin the wig or not. We’ll see.

Music Audios: Fall Out Boy – Where Did the party go? | Fall Out Boy – Young Volcanoes

Happy 2014! [What I’ve been up to]

Well! I hope everyone had a good new years.
Right now it’s freezing outside.

Thought I would talk about a really neat con I went to for its 1st time.

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NY Comic Con/AF 11 thoughts

OMG had a awesome time that weekend! Walked around as the Scarecrow from Doctor Who on Friday & Saturday.
[Though some noobs thought I was from batman or even worse sockboy]

Got my picture taken quite a lot on friday, which was cool. Seeing Kamen Rider cosplays roaming around was even better!

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