M & M’s Carmel filled are terrible why am I still eating them?

M & M's Carmel filled bag and candy

Close up of candy

So I was looking forward to these when they were announced a while back.

Found them at my local Walmart Supermarket.

They have no taste and there’s a sickly sweet taste sometimes you get or just left with a wad of the filling. They are definitely bigger, the size of the crunchy filled ones. You can really get sick on eating them all. We don’t like them very much but we’ll keep nibbling on them in the house. Also pictured are Starbursts gummies on the right. Which was a much better choice for new candy to try. These had a actual taste and a bright coloring. Though seemed pink and red had a higher percentage in the bag.

There is a agreement with my mom that the Peanut butter filled and Starbursts Gummies are much better.

Would I buy these again: Uh big fat NO

Non book related post but thought I should share this.


Things I’ve found in Cambridge’s H-Mart

Wow! They have a Go Go Curry! (Which I avoid, allergic to a ingredient(s) they use)

 photo IMG_20160323_182936447_zpshtzgwy2z.jpg
Caffe Latte Premium Sri Lanka Tea

Reminds me of the powdered milk tea I convert cause I love it. It has a nice milky taste.

 photo IMG_20160323_160724661_HDR_zpswgau7kcy.jpg
Matcha Love (Matcha in green tea) mini can

Interesting, something as a pick up for work maybe. Loved the small size of it. Great for the morning to wake up.

Canned Thai tea
Think my stomach didn’t like this…. Which is sad.

 photo IMG_20160325_093151392_zps3qe6jkyu.jpg
Sweet potato fries

Really interesting and sweet. Though I did come across a few bits that were uneatable. They were not oily and those I shared with liked them enough to take some to go.

Sadly I had gotten sick the first night I was in Cambridge eating what my friend figures was from eating cut up dragon fruit… [Which you can see next to the Sri Lanka drink] If I did not get sick I would have bought more fries, Sri Lanka and mini matcha.

Soon will be a anime Boston post I hopefully can put together. photo IMG_20160325_093202904_zpscvldtsjb.jpg

February Japan Crate

 photo IMG_20160208_162437474_zpsshl17bal.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_162117347_zpscdbfuelk.jpg

After the delay this came early during regular mail and not at 7-9pm.
All the items look delish though the potato chip tube is slightly damaged.
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Update on January’s Japan Crate

Ate a few more items and sadly USPS screwed me over with this month’s. Not even sure if I will get it. Very sad as I was looking forward to it.

 photo IMG_20160208_164726491_zpsv14zwolg.jpg
Grape squares
Bleh! They taste weird.

White Chocolate Yam square Candy
Yum! Can not taste the yam only the chocolate. But very delish.

 photo IMG_20160208_164731095_zps39xddgmc.jpg
Shortcake Aji
Not really my cup of tea. Taste better than the grape squares.

 photo IMG_20160208_164750048_zps5lpnqrjl.jpg
Fit’s Where’s Wally gum
…. The wrapping is cute not very sure about the taste. They taste better than the Pokémon gum. And is actually like real gum to make bubbles. Can you find Wally on the back? Not very hard.
 photo IMG_20160208_164813180_zps9bgotoum.jpg  photo IMG_20160208_164807792_zpsk11fwdax.jpg