Things I’ve found in Cambridge’s H-Mart

Wow! They have a Go Go Curry! (Which I avoid, allergic to a ingredient(s) they use) Caffe Latte Premium Sri Lanka Tea Reminds me of the powdered milk tea I convert cause I love it. It has a nice milky taste. Matcha Love (Matcha in green tea) mini can Interesting, something as a pick up... Continue Reading →


Pokemon Concert at Madison Square

Had a wonderful time! [This post has handful of videos & images with video/photos via links] Only a few bumps like friends decidin to go straight to Madison for bathroom and leavin us wonderin & then every one of our friends decidin to ditch us/not tell us "Oh hey we're all rushin back to take... Continue Reading →

Blue Man Group & Adventures in NYC

Back again! Had gotten my hands on an Amazon deal last month for 35% off tickets to see Blue Man Group, which was really exciting since I've never seen them. The closest thing would be STOMP. Also the only place you can hear a train conductor say the following: Started our trip w taking... Continue Reading →

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