Looks like Photobucket struck my account

Got the dreaded "you're hotlinking can't do that you need to pay us a ridiculous amount of money" in my email. I am still seeing the images fine on here so I am uncertain on that front and I can still upload and grab html via the app. Not sure what will happen... I will... Continue Reading →


Update note for books!

Going to expand my posts per-week! So a new book post should go up mostly Sunday but this does not appy to book reviews/looks via Publishing house(s) that are prone to going up Sunday or Wednesday. Thursday is random if I have anything. For any looking for more Fantasy books, there is a few scheduled for you!... Continue Reading →

Quick links + Badges

Some badges aren't on Goodreads due to Global Url blocking on profiles. Find me at:  @DetetiveBlog  httpss://www.goodreads.com/user/show/50985428-myst  @detetivBlog  @detetivBlog  @DetetivBlog Note: For GoodReads if you want to friend me please be aware you have to give me a title/series/author(s) we've both read. For those looking for book-related please click books above or here. For other... Continue Reading →

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