Spring Anime + Backlog updates

Updates on Spring 2015 thoughts and what I'm goin to try go through my backlog. Kekkai Sensen Can I just say their blood techniques text are laughable? I just can't take it very seriously with the text shown every time a blood technique is used. Feel like I'm watchin Nobunagun with a dash of Hamatora and Witch... Continue Reading →


Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo OP 01

[Wasurenai-Sub and LemonSourSub] (by ovamyu) POO by Neko Jump Thoughts: Not bad, although the title is a little odd to me and maybe to others if you didn’t know the opening is in Thai. And that poo means crabs. I still don’t understand how it relates… since they are talking about dreams that are telling them they aren’t... Continue Reading →

Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu Episode 01 Thoughts

Also called Animal Detective Kuruminzoo Currently put this on hiatus cause the subs haven't caught up [There's about 50 episodes] So right off the bat you get these 2 people, silver haired dude and a goth girl,arriving soon on land.  Sounds like a re-occurring opening bit used often in tv shows. Could they get any cheesier with... Continue Reading →

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