Thoughts: Digimon: Appli Monsters

There’s something fishy going on in Digimon: Appli Monsters
I only just finished episode 28. These are my thoughts so far. 

  • Do we have another quartzmon again but this time a person not a mon? 
  • If Yujin is able to be scanned, I wonder if the question he was given has anything to do with how they will get around this.  
  • But how do we know if it is really him? Since he is basically a unaware spy.
  • I mean make a copy of him (L has already configured Rei’s brother according to the data the duo mined) then set “Yujin” up to get a Applidriver Duo. There you go you just made a spy that would not even know! 
  • The fact that Yujin is using L-OS already is fishy. 
  • The nod to Apple OS was funny, you do not see that very often. 

Digimon Tri – Reunion Thoughts

Sorry delayed, got stuck sitting in the doctor’s office for 3hrs with my friend yesterday.
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Digimon Re:Digitalize thoughts so far

Great game!
My only problem is how repetitive and recycling of images used. You can see this used quite a bit in the coliseum. It’s a bit open world which is nice. Wish there was a map key guide like 7th Dragon 2020 (Psp definitely go play this) had. That would help when you’re looking at the full map. Doesn’t feel like the main emphasis is grinding up or search for x number of items in this area like Soma Bringer (DS). Right now I’m having problems finding these “pretty starfish” I’m supposed to be able to pick up… Actually got further in this game then Digimon Adventures (Psp). It is definitely a game to try out! I’ll probably do another thoughts of this game whenever I get further in this game.

Music of the day: Butter-Fly – Digimon Adventures Opening (8 bit) & A World For Us All – Digimon Frontier Opening (8 bit)

Digimon Re:Digitalize recruitment help for others

Currently enthralled by Digimon Re:Digitalize since the full translation is out.

I’ve been workin on editing/addin notes to a 3yr old translation guide spreadsheet that was out.

I’ll do a blurb thing soon about the game & link the guide and help links again.

Guide/spreadsheet with my edits/notes to help with recruiting. 

I’ll probly change the url doc or copy it & get rid of the color notes I have for myself

Original link to the spreadsheet from 3yr old archived topic

I also listed the help guides/notes I’ve been using to edit this like:
Facebook fan group note & comments on there | GameFAQs Boards

I’m doin this on my own time since I know a few friends would be happy to have this so I decided to share it. I do not claim the spreadsheet I merely added on and updated it. Credit and such is still there. I also put if I came across a bug via one of the digimons.

Music of the day: Piano Lessons by Porcupine Tree & Godspeed by Anberlin