Thoughts on Show By Rock!! 6 & 7

So much fun watching this! One of the few anime series I look forward to gettin the music tracks. It's very odd for me to do so.Let's start with my thoughts on the 2 different character styles they use in every episode. Note: Chibi = Myuumon. I've been thinkin, what if the humanoid versions are... Continue Reading →


Suite PreCure/Pretty Cure 38 thoughts

Please remember this is based from the RAW I'm sorry but when something shows up injured or not when your fighting a big baddie you should be weary of anything. Why does it always end up like this? the main baddie goes undercover as something cute to the ones it wants to destroy? Not too... Continue Reading →

Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu Episode 01 Thoughts

Also called Animal Detective Kuruminzoo Currently put this on hiatus cause the subs haven't caught up [There's about 50 episodes] So right off the bat you get these 2 people, silver haired dude and a goth girl,arriving soon on land.  Sounds like a re-occurring opening bit used often in tv shows. Could they get any cheesier with... Continue Reading →

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