Review: The Chosen by J.R. Ward

The Chosen

Title: The Chosen

Series: Black dagger book 15

AuthorJ.R. Ward

Genre: Paranormal Supernatural vampire romance

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Fierce Enchantment by Carrie Ann Ryan

 photo 51vki9o3VVL._SX331_BO1204203200__zps6ceofqan.jpgTitle: Fierce Enchantment
Series: Dante’s Circle #5
Author: Carrie Ann Ryan

Blurb: Humans aren’t as alone as they choose to believe. Every human possesses a trait of supernatural that lays dormant within their genetic make-up. Centuries of diluting and breeding have allowed humans to think they are alone and untouched by magic. But what happens when something changes?

Faith Sanders sacrificed her life to save her best friend—only to find herself trapped in an endless sleep. When she awakens, a year has past and everything has changed. Her friends have not only moved on with their lives, but now she’s forever bound to a man she’s never met.

When Levi Hughes created a mating bond with the raven-haired, fiery woman, he knew he’d have to face the consequences. Not only does the woman in question bring with her a new battle he might not be ready for, but his past has finally caught up with him. It will take more than the strength of their bond to not only survive their new worlds…but each other.

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Challenge note: Flight of Fantasy, PNR, pick-para

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Christmas in Good Hope by Cindy Kirk

 photo 51qtdZOxkGL._SX331_BO1204203200__zpsxjutk6dq.jpg

Title: Christmas In Good Hope

Series: A Good Hope Novel #1

Author: Cindy Kirk

Genre: Holiday Romance

Blurb: Ami and Beck would rather forget the past, but this Christmas of love is one to remember.

Amaryllis “Ami” Bloom’s cheerful smile greets everyone in Good Hope, Wisconsin. But her merry facade hides a dark secret she won’t ever forget. Still, she throws herself into celebrating Christmas—and convinces her handsome, and stubborn, new neighbor to join her.

Beckett Cross, however, is determined not to celebrate the holidays. He moved to Good Hope to leave behind reminders of how he’d had it all…and lost everything. But it’s hard to resist adorable Ami, the designated keeper of the small town’s holiday traditions, when she asks for help with the Twelve Nights celebrations. And Ami has a hard time resisting Beck’s soft Southern drawl and gentle eyes. Will a Christmas miracle give them a second chance at love and the hope to heal both of their hearts for good?

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Challenges Note: pick-holiday

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A Druid of Her Own by Mandy M Roth [Druid Series #4]

 photo 516MoKwT2BzL._SX331_BO1204203200__zpsxzaysarn.jpgTitleA Druid of Her Own
SeriesDruid Series Book #4
Author: Mandy M Roth

Genre: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance

BlurbImmortal, seductive, able to shift into a wolf, and a downright sinful highland warrior, Kennard O’Caha has had only one mission for the past several centuries—find and destroy the dark sorcerer Athol. Now that the job is done, it’s time to park his motorcycle, kick up his boots, enjoy a few drinks, and possibly find a honey to warm his bed for a night. After all, nothing quite refuels the magik like pleasure.

That was the plan, anyways.

Too bad life had something else in store for this magikal biker bad boy. When a stubborn redhead is set in his path, it’s all he can to do to keep from instantly claiming her—his mate. Evil has its sights set on his woman and he’s not about to let her go without one hell of a fight

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A Very Beastly Christmas by T S Joyce [Gray Back Bears 7]

 photo greyback-brs-xmas-7.jpgTitleA Very Beastly Christmas
SeriesGray Back Bears Book #7
Author: T S Joyce

Genre: Paranormal Holiday Romance

Blurb: Dominant grizzly shifter, Easton Novak, hasn’t celebrated the holidays since he was a child, but his mate is about to make this Christmas one for the books. She’s been hiding something from him, and her revealed secrets are about to knock his world upside down. Making his woman happy should come naturally, but now he’s overthinking everything. And for Easton, that could mean losing control of his feral inner grizzly.

Timid raven shifter, Aviana Novak, has been lying to her mate for months, but she can’t put the truth off anymore. She was trying to protect herself, her beloved Gray Backs, and most of all…her mate. But now she’s in too deep and Beaston’s control of his inner monster is at risk.

Aviana is about to make this a Christmas Beaston and the Gray Backs will never forget.

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Galen’s Lovely Mate by R.E Butler [Saber Chronicles 4]

T photo butler-lovley-mate.jpgitle: Galen’s Lovely Mate
Series: Saber Chronicles Book 4
Author: R.E Butler

Genre: Paranormal Romance

BlurbGalen Carmichael is officially in hell. His two brothers and sister are all mated, but he’s still painfully single. As a saber-tooth tiger shifter, he’s been having mating dreams for the last week, but he can’t make any sense out of the fuzzy pink and gold dreams.

Fairy Serena Fontaine has been away from the Belle Terra Supernatural Hotel for a week when she has a dream urging her to return to town. As she draws close to the arena where the were-fights are being held, she has a vision of a saber-tooth tiger and passes out. She wakes up in the arms of her truemate, a gorgeous saber shifter. Continue reading

Deerskin [Novel] – blurb

I enjoy fairy tales that are similar to Thousand Furs/All-kinds-of-furs/Allerleirauh, DonkeySkin & catskin. So I couldn’t wait to start reading this. I will warn you it contains adult content like rape.

The story is something that’s different to pass the time if you enjoy Fairy tales

The story starts off good until you reach the part where she approaches human life again,  they kept on foreshadowing where she ended up via her dog. It’s a really good novel to read, one I would recommend but would warn people about the adult content. It’s along the lines of Grimm Fairy Tales but still has a lighter quality to it.