Thoughts: Twin Angels Burst [6 episodes in]

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Omg, that opening! That means we will see ether trio from the season before! I do not remember if I liked the little girl (white angel), it has been a while. I remember bits and pieces, especially the 2 ova’s. It was nice to see the cherries on their school outfits again, was this the same school as the earlier season?

Looks like a usual magical girls genre where their ​partner is anti-social​ and has a background in fighting.

Ok first time we see the bee enemy, I already figured out she looks like the teacher we see a few times. Yep, it is the teacher so is the whole school run over with wolves in sheep’s clothing or Hydra’s?

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Oh the “brother” thought he looked familiar! He is the Misty Knight from past series. Interesting they made him as Sumire’s brother, especially when he is White Angels brother or at least she calls him Big Brother also. How does that work? What about how they tied White Angel in here, is Sumire her other sister? That would make sense in that Sumire knows about the past Angels. Hopefully will talk about much in future episodes. With the dog, was there not the same pet in the season before? How could Misty Knight have a dove in his jacket? Oooooo brainwashing! Ok, Black Rose Man or Nasty Knight? Can we not get any more corny on the naming front?

Also that ending song/video is very catchy and cute. Maybe they will discuss about the other exact dog we see in the ending video?


Thoughts on Soma Bringer (DS)

 photo 250px-Somabringer_boxart_zpsdv7ilpa5.png Note There is a english FAN translation somewhere on the interweb. Not going to help you there.

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Blurb: In a world where the a magical energy source known as Soma drives the technology and daily lives of all its inhabitants, there lies a huge continent named Barnea. In recent years, the natural balance of Soma has been disrupted by the arrival of mysterious beings called Visitors. To investigate these occurrences, Secundady – the organization that regulates Soma in the world, creates a military division to deal with these Visitors – the Pharzuph. The story follows the seven members of the 7th Division of the Pharzuph. What they discover on one of their missions will determine the fate of the world… [Taken from Soma Bringer’s Wikipedia]

There were some parts where I got really annoyed on where I was suppose to go or get items. Like the chimera heart. It’s in Isolation U 1 via 8 or 9 tunnel down or the drumming pigs. There I spammed Apocalypse a whole lot. There was quite a bit of hand holding in moving through the game which I did not mind as I hate running around trying to get to places/things and having no clue. Nice but pretty short for only 6 arcs. Wish Nintendo actually brought this over in English as I could see others playing it. Maybe as a digital download? I am still waiting for Detective Pikachu to come to the US. Reminds me of Radiant Historica which is a awesome underrated game to play.

Fierce Enchantment by Carrie Ann Ryan

 photo 51vki9o3VVL._SX331_BO1204203200__zps6ceofqan.jpgTitle: Fierce Enchantment
Series: Dante’s Circle #5
Author: Carrie Ann Ryan

Blurb: Humans aren’t as alone as they choose to believe. Every human possesses a trait of supernatural that lays dormant within their genetic make-up. Centuries of diluting and breeding have allowed humans to think they are alone and untouched by magic. But what happens when something changes?

Faith Sanders sacrificed her life to save her best friend—only to find herself trapped in an endless sleep. When she awakens, a year has past and everything has changed. Her friends have not only moved on with their lives, but now she’s forever bound to a man she’s never met.

When Levi Hughes created a mating bond with the raven-haired, fiery woman, he knew he’d have to face the consequences. Not only does the woman in question bring with her a new battle he might not be ready for, but his past has finally caught up with him. It will take more than the strength of their bond to not only survive their new worlds…but each other.

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Challenge note: Flight of Fantasy, PNR, pick-para

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So what do you guys use a background noise?

When you are reading or just want to vege out?

I can not stand quiet it drives me nuts so I normally have google music on.

Depending on my mood I will be on Today’s Pop & Country or sometimes harder tunes like Fall Out Boy or Green Day. As of typing this I fall in the strange category of listening to I guess you would call it light pop to rock via Anberlin’s radio station.

Most of the tracks I throw on my posts come from Google Music’s radio.

Song of the post:

I Changed My Name by Sugarcult

Serpent’s Kiss by Thea Harrison

 photo 51tBXvPdvXL._SX308_BO1204203200__zps9gmotxju.jpgTitle: Serpent’s Kiss

Series: Elder Races #3

Author: Thea Harrison

Genre: Supernatural/Paranormal shapeshifting romance

Blurb: Recently, Vampire Queen Carling’s power has become erratic, forcing her followers to flee. Wyr sentinel Rune is drawn to the ailing Queen and decides to help find a cure for the serpent’s kiss-the vampyric disease that’s killing her. With their desire for each other escalating they will have to rely on each other if they have any hope of surviving the serpent’s kiss…

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Challenge note: PNR, Pick-Para, new2me, fantasy

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Amazon Music thoughts

Trying Amazon prime and I get Amazon Music for free.

Miss not knowing what’s song is being played when I am away from the screen.

The biggest drawback I can find is if you listen to World or indie artists/groups. Surprised no big name world artists/groups like say Juanes. I mostly stuck to Alternative/Fall Out Boy and Green Day prime stations as I have better chance of finding music I like that way then going via a playlist. Surprised there was not more Fall Out Boy or Green Day songs from more of their albums. Gets really repetitive after a while. Works better when there is a new and upcoming prime radio to listen to and the like button for songs should stick between stations. Or even having a option to allow that or explicit songs. Think I will stick with Google Radio, at least then I can hear some new upcoming songs that will maybe end up on Kjoy in the future.

Fall Out Boy – Young Volcanoes

Ultraman Ginga S Thoughts

Background Info: The only Ultraman knowledge I have is Ultraman Mebius/Moebius series/movie/gaiden, a Gaia movie, Mega Monster Battle & a few other Ultraman ones. I have very very basic knowledge of Ultraman Ginga series as I know that’s a bit different.

Hint it is subbed, sadly there is currently no way to watch Ultra Fight Victory as the youtube videos are all private.

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