Update: Quick burst

Hey everyone!

New things you may have noticed:

  • New Layout
    • If you did not notice the layout on the site is different again.
    • There was some oddities I did not care for in the other so I am trying this one.
    • I may stick with this one as I like the the menu options.
  • New Social Menu
    • I have now added all my socials next to the blog title.
    • Hover over the links to see where each of my social links takes you
    • Added my BookBub link
  • Drop-Down menu
    • You can reach my other categories in the drop-down
    • Clicking on Reading – Genres/Categories will take you to exactly what the link says, Book genres/categories

That is basically it!

If you want to see funny scenes in books I have come across check out my Instagram
I have been posting mostly in stories.

I chat on twitter about books or reading.

Sometimes you will see posts on the Facebook page, sometimes not. Still fighting with IFTT working right.

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