Promo: Tempting by Crystal Kaswell Release Day

Release Date September 28, 2017


He’s my best friend’s older brother, off limits and incredibly tempting.

I shouldn’t peak into Brendon’s sketchbook, even if the tattoo artist is as brooding and stoic as the day is long. I can’t help myself. I peel it open, run my fingers along the paper, soak up every ounce of him.

His drawings are as beautiful and bold as his dark eyes and his cocky smile. Only, there, on the third page–that’s no tattoo mockup. That’s me.



Waiting in his bed.

There’s no denying it–those are my blue glasses, my green eyes, my flushed cheeks.

Brendon wants me.

The smoking hot, ten thousand miles out of my league bad boy wants me– a good girl virgin with thick glasses and no game.

It’s perfect.

Only it’s not.

He’s my best friend’s older brother. He’s off limits.

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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai manga Thoughts [8 chapters in]

Really interesting! If you’ve read the Gamer or Half Prince it’s really gets you into it. It definitely has some Half Prince qualities and Log Horizon’s Shiroe/Black Glasses. I mean for Hiiro it’s a give and take. “Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return” Sound familiar? Yes Hiiro has a round about way of it. When Miu needed to be saved her uncle had to give somethin up to Hiiro. If you notice that happens quite a lot. My only problem with this series right now is it goin to follow the norm trope for these kinds of series. I wonder if there will be any similarities to Superior & Superior †. I mean if you think about it, Hiiro was the extra and we currently have no idea about these “Evila”. Sheila was the “Demon Queen” in that series but acted like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Could Hiiro be the same in a way? Note I haven’t read the light novel. I’m actually about to start it. Noticed that so far the uncle doesn’t really discuss about Hiiro’s weird magic use besides “What was that you used just now.” Guess it’s all off the page this discussion happens?

Other series to try out:

  • Superior & Superior † [continuation]
  • Half Prince/½ Prince [Manhwa & light novel]
  • Log Horizon
  • .Hack//Sign
  • Sword Art Online
  • Violinist of Hamlin

Music of the day: Maze of Life – Persona Q game午夜の待ち合わせ/Goya no Machiawase (Noragami opening) by Hello Sleepwalkers

The Magician and the Princess of the Mist Cage manga Thoughts

Also called: Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai ; The Magician and the Princess of the Mist Cage ; The Princess of the Mist Cage and The Magician. Sometimes in the story they call the moody Wizard Nabelhaut as Nabel, in this I’m goin to try to stick to his full first name.

Edit: I just found out NESUMI Chisato has a tumblr with wonderful sketches/drawings. They are so pretty, here’s one of Sti and Nabelhaut!

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Nurarihyon No Mago Chapter 170

Scanlated by MangaCurse

Loved this page, shows there can be funny parts in a action-packed manga. I’m wishing really hard for a season 3 so I can see this scene & a few others. Enjoyed the manga thus far. Haven’t finished season 2 entirely YET. I’ll just end it there. Great way to bring some silly to an otherwise ominous, the world is coming to an end, we must kill him to save our skin arc. They should just rename this arc to “We must kill him to save our skin”.